Having your air ducts cleaned is a cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality and promote health and well-being. It helps eliminate allergens like pet dander, dust and mildew; reduces odors from smoking and food cooking; removes bacteria, mold and other pathogens; and reduces fire risks. It also lowers heating and cooling costs by making your system work less hard.

The air circulating through your ductwork contains contaminants such as dirt, dust, volatile chemicals, carbon monoxide, and other particles that get pulled into the HVAC unit, circulate throughout the home, and re-enter living spaces over time. These pollutants contribute to respiratory ailments such as coughing, sneezing, and bronchial congestion. They can also aggravate conditions like asthma and allergies. Periodic cleaning of the air ducts removes these contaminants and prevents them from re-circulating.

A dirty air duct air duct cleaning services is not only a breeding ground for allergens; it can also be a magnet for pests. Rodents, insects, and birds can all find shelter inside dirty ducts. These pests can leave behind stale odors that are difficult to get rid of with open windows and air fresheners. The feces of these animals can also contain harmful bacteria and viruses that cause illness in humans.

When you choose an air duct cleaning service, make sure they’re certified by NADCA. This association is the gold standard for duct cleaning services in the United States and Canada. A NADCA member is required to adhere to certain standards and codes of conduct, and must have qualified Air System Cleaning Specialists on staff who are licensed to perform the job.

NADCA’s website makes it easy for homeowners to find a certified duct cleaner. Simply enter your zip code to get a list of contractors near you. It’s important to hire a contractor who can clean your entire duct system, not just the air conditioning coils. A professional can do a thorough job and complete the work in less time than you might think.

Before the cleaning technician arrives, it’s a good idea to tidy up so that they can access all of your vents. Then it’s a matter of checking the ductwork for access points, assessing the condition of the ductwork, and using various cleaning tools to remove dust, debris, and pollutants. A proper cleaning should take between three and five hours.

During an inspection and cleaning, the technician should check the airflow of your ductwork, test for moisture content and humidity, and look for any signs of mold growth. If any of these conditions are found, the technician should correct them before continuing with the cleaning.

If you’re ready to have your air ducts cleaned, contact Stanley Steemer. We use a unique combination of equipment and training that results in a superior whole-system cleaning. Our patented process removes pounds of dirt, dust and other particles from the ductwork and returns it to a nearly new condition. You’ll see the difference in your indoor air quality right away.